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We offer the best auto repair service in the area. Whether you are looking for an oil change, a tune-up, or a new set of tires, we offer affordable and reliable services. Our staff is trained to provide you with the best service possible, so you can trust that we will take care of your car.

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Auto care is our Business

The best auto repair shop in town is ours. We provide several different auto services, such as brakes and oil change.  We employ certified mechanics to work on all brands and models of vehicles and trucks. We also offer batteries, tires, and other things. In order to get you back on the road swiftly and safely, we work hard to fix your automobile precisely and efficiently.

oil change services in detroit
Oil is necessary for your engine to run correctly. To ensure smooth functioning, it lubricates, maintains, and cleans the engine. Many companies offer oil change services at very affordable prices. If you’re looking for an oil change service, Visit us at our local auto service shop Unique auto center at the following address:15327 Joy Rd, Detroit, MI 48228, United States.
 Oil changes are a necessary part of the maintenance process for your car and it’s recommended that you have them done every 3,000 miles. Oil changes can be done in your home or shop, but it’s important to take your car in for an oil change if it has been more than 3,000 miles since your last one.

If something is wrong with your car, you’ll be seeking for a solution to fix it and get it working again. That is why you require a reliable repair facility close by. Our tire shop is close by and open six days a week if you’re looking for a location to take your automobile for maintenance. We have qualified specialists that can assist you in getting your car functioning once more at a fair and reasonable cost. Since we have been in the auto repair industry for a long time, we have the expertise to assist you. If you buy four new tires from us, we’ll align your wheels for free.

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Muffler Shop In Detroit.

Suspension repair services are crucial to any vehicle. They provide the necessary support for your car’s suspension and make sure your car is safe to drive. However, if you are not sure about your car suspension repairs, Visit us at our auto services professional shop. We offer different services such as installation and repair, and can also give you advice on what type of suspension will be best for your car.
 We are here to help you when you require changes to your steering, brakes, or transmission.

Brake Repair Services in Detroit

Brake repair services are available for all types of cars. It is important to have your brakes checked and serviced before any major driving event. Brakes need to be checked for wear and tear and the fluid levels need to be checked. A brake fluid leak can cause your brakes to fail and it is recommended that you have your brake lines flushed every year or every three years.
At Unique Auto Center, we recognize how crucial brakes are to your safety as well as the safety of those close to you and the broader public. On a business level, we purposefully decided to enhance your car’s braking performance for this reason. The parts we select for your brake service and repair will always satisfy or beyond the standards established by the maker of your vehicle.
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