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If you’re looking for transmission services in Detroit, you should visit us. We offer a wide range of transmission products and services, including new and used transmissions, rebuilds, repairs, and installation. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in providing quality services to our customers in Michigan. You can trust us to provide the best transmission service, advice and assistance possible

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what are transmissions

Car transmissions are the items that allow an engine to move from one gear to another. The different gears in a car’s transmission are called ratios. A transmission usually has three ratios: first, second, and third. The ratio of gear is important because it determines how fast the engine can turn. A higher ratio means that the engine can turn faster, which can save you time on your journey. A lower ratio means that the engine can turn slower, which may save you money on your journey.
At unique auto center, you can find the most convenient Transmission service also going to a transmission shop is often considered a necessity for older or more expensive cars, as it allows for a smoother operating experience and reduces the wear on the gears. The benefits that you will get after the Transmission change include:

  1. You will have a more smooth ride because the gears will move more easily.
  2. The gears will last longer because they won’t get as dirty and damaged.
  3. The entire drivetrain will be spared some of the wear and tear that comes with driving on rough roads.
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How to Get Transmission Service in Detroit MI.

Finding a transmission service provider can be difficult. You want one that is professional, reliable, and affordable. You should also consider the type of transmission you need – an automatic or manual transmission. Make an Appointment. If you don’t have time to wait for a quoted service, you can schedule an appointment through your transmission service provider. This will allow you to get the Transmission Service You need without having to wait long. At unique auto center, you can get the Service You need. we provide different transmission services: automatic or manual transmissions, diesel or gasoline engines, and other features like rebuilds and replacements. 

When Should I Get a Transmission Service?

The biggest issue with manual transmission autos is that transmission fluid becomes readily polluted over time as metal bearings and gears inside the gearbox begin to wear down. These tiny metal particles float around the transmission fluid, causing it to lose its ability to lubricate. If these impurities are not periodically emptied, they will shorten the life of your vehicle’s transmission. For a manual transmission car, most manufacturers recommend transmission servicing every 30,000-60,000 miles.

More heat is generated in automatic transmissions, which can cause the automatic transmission fluid to break down and degrade over time. Furthermore, like with manual transmission fluid, the fluid will become polluted with worn transmission parts over time, and if they are not flushed out, they might impair the life of your car’s gearbox. Transmission service is normally recommended every 60,000-100,000 miles for most automatic vehicles.

Getting Successful Transmission Service in Detroit MI.

When it comes to prices for transmission shop services, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. In order to get the best deal, be sure to compare rates between different shops before making your purchase. Additionally, always remember that unique Auto Center is a family-owned business, so Quality Transmission Services stands behind its products 100%! We understand that it can be difficult to find quality transmission options when the budget is tight, so we have made it our mission to provide the best possible prices and service without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction. 

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